Spiritism, the magic of illusion

Livro escrito por R. R. Soares
Spiritism, the magic of illusion

Categoria: Batalha Espiritual

The subject of Spiritism needs a special treatment from the true Christians. It is hurtful to observe statistics that show that around 60% of our population is getting involved with the devil’s religion. “I have long wanted to write something about Spiritism. In my works on the Word of God, I treat with people that either have been or still are involved with the spirits. I have had remarkable experiences with them and have always felt outraged as I observed that many Brazilians, whether innocently or not, are serving Satan. The great trap that lies behind Spiritism needed to be unmasked,” highlights R.R. Soares. Although many books have been written on the topic, the author emphasizes that his experience may help in this field. “The experience of thousands of people that have abandoned the spiritual practice because of our work is truly useful for the orientation of other people.” In this work, R. R. Soares tackles Spiritism in a different way from those who have addressed this issue. He easily analyzes the false doctrine “from top to bottom”. The author talks about the history of Spiritism, mentions important facts that go on to characterize the falsehood of the religion, analyzes its diverse forms and practices in Brazil and confronts the main spiritual doctrines with the use of the Bible, the Word of God. This is an indispensable reading, a work that needs to be read, studied and promoted. This is an invitation towards the one true light that exists only in Jesus Christ, in opposition to terrible darkness.

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Autor(es): R. R. Soares

ISBN: 85-7343-099-0

Número de páginas: 192

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