Demand Your Rights

Livro escrito por R. R. Soares
Demand Your Rights

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The book Demand Your Rights, by R. R. Soares, is dedicated to those who, despite currently searching for the solutions to their problems, do not have any previous knowledge about faith. It is also dedicated to those who, while faithful in their walk with Christ, still do everything in their power to please the Lord – fighting desperately to win all battles – but feel impotent in face of the challenges. Let it be well defined: we do not need to suffer anything, because, in His death, the Lord Jesus conquered for us forgiveness to our sins, divine healing and all the blessings we need or will ever need, highlights the author. Missionary R. R. Soares makes the following alert to the reader: maybe many who will read this book already have some sort of religious background about faith in God. However, I ask that you put aside what you know and examine impartially what I am proposing. My request is founded on the fact that “preconceptions” can get in the way of the examination that you have to do in light of this revelation, which, in my life, particularly, generated a great change. This work will teach you how to believe in God truthfully. During the reading, you will learn how to take hold of the blessing and be sure that the Lord is already present patiently waiting for your determination in order to cure, liberate and operate wonderful things.

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Autor(es): R. R. Soares

ISBN: 85-7343-705-7

Número de páginas: 192

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