Blessings That Enrich

Livro escrito por R. R. Soares
Blessings That Enrich

Categoria: Educação Cristã

Blessings That Enrich is a work that did not come from the mind, from the intellect, but from a heart burning full of passion for the people that find themselves spiritually enslaved and live as if under the weight of a curse simply because they do not know the divine true purpose for their lives. The Father aims to use every available resource in order to dethrone Satan and provide men the recovered paradise. Does that sound like a dream? A Utopia? While reading this book you will see that God’s plan is beautiful and very real. The one thing missing for Him to fulfill His desire is that we do our part as Christians and as the Church of the Lord – the Body of Christ -, which should not limit Itself inside four walls but aim to reach those that find themselves out of it as well. The Church needs to be brave and let go of Its defensive posture, assuming the attacking position. It is only through combat that we conquer victory.

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Autor(es): R. R. Soares

ISBN: 85-7343-668-9

Número de páginas: 192

Medidas: 14x21