The gift that blesses the gifter

Livro escrito por R. R. Soares
The gift that blesses the gifter

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A man's gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men (Proverbs 18.16). The book The gift that blesses the gifter, written by R. R. Soares, sheds light over surprising revelations about the importance of the act of giving, which has remained hidden to the eyes of God’s people. In this work, the reader will discover the key to having all their requests answered and winning in seemingly irreversible situations. In the certainty that the Word of the Lord does not return void, on the contrary, it accomplishes and prospers what it was sent for (Isaiah 55.11), I want to share the guidance that the Spirit of God has placed in the Holy Scriptures on the act of giving gifts, emphasizes the author. Divided in ten chapters, this work goes over interesting subjects such as: the true gifts; material gifts; forgiving the wrongdoings; praying for those who persecute; learning to give and many others. Completely based on the Holy Scriptures, this publication will lead the reader to definitively understand that those gifts exert great power over both the lives of the recipients and that of the givers. By sending a gift, you will solve situations in which the devil had been having victory in your life, warns R. R. Soares.

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Autor(es): R. R. Soares

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