Where is God, My Maker?

Livro escrito por R. R. Soares
Where is God, My Maker?

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God has created the world to be dominated by men. With the original sin, Satan became ruler of the world and from then on started influencing it with his evil. Christ, the Lamb sacrificed for the forgiveness of our sins rescued the authority that God had given to men, while also restoring our communion with Him. Today all those who receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior have authority over all things. But for ignoring this truth many children of God live a life of defeat and do not get hold of this right constituted by God. The book Where is God, My Maker, by Missionary R. R. Soares, teaches us to recognize the Creator and understand that He does not abandon us, much less escape from His paternal responsibilities. Man was created by God to be like a beloved child. Everything that God has created was for man to enjoy a fruitful life; all the actions from the Lord were established with the objective of making men happy and worthy of his Creator, says R. R. Soares. Through this work, the reader will comprehend the care that the Lord has for each human being and His desire to make them victorious in everything. May God open your eyes, making you understand that He, the Lord, our Father loves us and wants us to be victorious. May all readers understand that the Being who created us, who is Almighty, has all the skills we need to solve our problems, emphasizes the author.

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Autor(es): R. R. Soares

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